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Now Active for Voice Work!

2013-04-23 21:32:21 by JestreDeRama

Hello! Life had me busy and had me away for a while, but now I'm here to truly get things moving again. I'll get a new and more proper voice demo out soon. Until then, if I do not answer on newgrounds right away, please be sure to send an email to if I don't answer a message in a day or two.

Doing some renovating!

2012-11-20 23:39:29 by JestreDeRama

I do apologize for disappearing, but I'm going to be doing a newer demo and be more active in seeing about working with those who are seeking voices!

All toasters...

2011-04-26 20:06:31 by JestreDeRama

toast bread. (Ya dumbass plumber.)


2007-07-25 13:28:13 by JestreDeRama

This is just something to fill in the area. :P